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Q (Kush magazine): First off, how have you been in general?

A (Skye Delamey): Wonderful, excited and enthusiastic about may new projects!

Have there been any inspirations and supports (friends, family, teachers, etc...)?

Pin up girls have always been an inspiration for me, and the Vargas girl. It reminds of the song from the musical "South Pacific," that goes "I enjoy being a girl!" Makeup, clothes, props, garters, stockings and shoes, and the desire and joy of dressing up has been an inspiration. Print magazines, and posters, and pulp, and pin up, and vintage art have also been an inspiration. In addition, retro pin up posters, Bette Paige, Marylin Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Gene Harlow, etc. from old Hollywood have also been an inspiration. It's the glorification and celebration of femininity that I really like.

What do you hope to accomplish through this journey?

To bring joy to the world, also inspire others, and re-emphasize the feminine. In today's world where so many women are ball busters, which is great, it's easy to overlook the softness of the feminine, and how much fun it is to express that! Some times looking at drag Queens, we can be reminded of how much they enjoy the sequined, eye shadow, and mascara, and how your average girl can take all those things for granted!

Is there any message you are trying to send out to others?

Yes-"live life to the beat of your ow drummer," and "live your passions because that is what keeps you alive"

Is there a regime that you follow to keep yourself looking professional?

Yes-fitness is religion, in the words of Madonna and her trainer. Diet, detoxing, fasting or cleansing on fruit such papaya. Also, facials, exfoliating, and good skin creams. Using organic or healthy body creams and oils such as avocado or almond or coconut oil as a moisturizer. Meditating to be at emotional calm. Hanging upside down to decompress and stretch. Also, getting enough or extra sleep whenever needed. Sleep and rest is so crucial!

Do you have any funny/inspirational stories about this journey?

Well, knowing how to pack light, take hats, sunscreen, and deep conditioner when you travel! Even on a tropical vacation, you gotta take care of your skin, hair etc!
Skye Delamey
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