Skye Delamey
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Fan Art

The Goddess on the Stage
by Joseph Fein
Upon the stage, 
   she rules.

Her voice wakes the world
     And causes the oceans to dance.

Under the color of the strobe lights,
     Her beauty shines brighter.

The universe sets its tune
       to her rhythm
And the stars dance 
     to the 
Heart of Skye!
JSF 12/13/15

Dancing to Skye's Serenade
by Joseph Fein

Under the lights,
      Skye sings to the stars.

And the Stars dance 
      Till the Sun Rises.

And even Old Sol is jolly
       hearing Skye's Serenade.
JSF 9/12/15

The Eyes of Skye

 By Joe Fein

 The soul of the City of Angels,

  And a Heart the size of the Golden State,

 A beauty, a Muse,

   Artist and Angel,

 You are the North Star

   Of the Sunset.

The Pacific waters can be seen in your


 The sand of the shore,

    Can be seen in your Golden hair.

 From the bloodlines of the Freeways,

    To the music off the Boulevard,

 And the Dreamers from the country,

    You are the Angel of City of Angels.

They come from near and far,

   To see our magic play,

 And you conduct the Orchestra of the

    Rockers, Rollers, actors and dreamers,

 With the skill of a Cartoon Mouse

    Making Brooms dance.

An Angel of the Sunset,

 You have charmed me

 From the Beauty in your Eyes,

    And the greatness in your Heart.

The Angel
by Joe Fein
Can you know the Angel?
She has the sweetest smile,
  the biggest heart,
And can charm a City.
Can you hear the Angel?
She sings the world,
   And catches us mortals
Around the globe. 
Can you see the Angel?
Even the Seraphim can see her Heart,
  The City of Angels is blessed,
From the desert to the Ocean, 
   A wonderful smile that makes
the Universe a Happier place.
Can you see the Angel fly?
Her name is Skye. 

The Water and Skye
by Joe Fein

In a City of Dreamers,
   Edging on the Coastline
Of Placid waves and Boats of sail,
   Your voice sings past the 
Into the Dreams of a Poet.

Press Play (or How the Gods Found their Voice)
by Joseph Fein
On the day after the day before,
    The Old Gods made a
      bet with the New Gods:

Sayeth the Old Gods: Find your voice and we find ours; 
   The Best Voice sings for us All.

Sayeth the New Gods: Computed and Complied.  Game is on.
      Press Play when found.

The Old Gods looked far and near;
    The New Gods scanned and surveyed;

The Old Gods chose the Skye 
  And the New Gods conceded the gamble --

The Voice of the Gods can be heard 
    From the kindness of her Heart,
    To the beauty of her voice,
         Skye sings for the infinite.

When you hear her voice,
      the Universe rejoices!

Press Play. 

Keeping the Beat of the Universe 
Ice ages come and go,
   The Millions of Years are
But a Millimeter on the Timeline 
  Of the Universe.
The Universe spins,
   At the same rhythm 
Of Atoms and Molecules,
The planets and moons of a smaller Universe.
The Beat of the Universe,
     Follows the song of the Muse.
Skye sings and even Time Dances.
The Multiverse is a better place 
    With the Beauty of Skye.
JSF 2/14/17